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Blue Horizons: Two Brilliant New Versions of the Manero Flyback

There is certainly nothing unusual about longing for the wide world and still feeling a strong connection to the place that we call home. Much like the cosmopolitan men and women of today, the Manero Flyback by Carl F. Bucherer is at home anywhere in the world. This summer, the chronograph line that originally launched in 2016 will be extended to include two brilliant blue versions. These models not only celebrate the cosmopolitan spirit that has been an integral part of the Lucerne manufacturer’s DNA since 1888, but also put a piece of “Made of Lucerne” watchmaking excellence on every well-traveled wrist, true to the words: “Wherever time takes you, Lucerne travels with you.”

Designed for the Cosmopolitan Mindset

Today, having a cosmopolitan mindset has become about more than just being well-traveled – it’s about being open-minded and exuding the confidence and style to succeed, wherever you are. The Manero Flyback was designed with precisely this attitude in mind. Both of the new models from this iconic watch family feature the color blue – the color of the horizon. A 43 mm diameter stainless steel case frames the exquisite blue dial, which features a chronograph counter, small seconds subdial, date display, and central hour and minute hands. This stylish new model is available on a flexible nine-link metal bracelet or a blue textile strap woven from radiant blue thread with a luster that creates a fascinating 3-D effect. Carl F. Bucherer’s most recent creation is not only a tribute to the great savoir-faire of this traditional Swiss company – it is a celebration of the desire to explore and discover that has driven the company since its foundation by Carl-Friedrich Bucherer in 1888. “This cosmopolitan spirit is part of our history; it is something that has inspired us since the very beginning, and something that is still an integral part of our philosophy today. In 1888, Carl-Friedrich Bucherer laid the foundation not only for our brand but also for a cosmopolitan, international corporate culture. His sons, Carl Eduard and Ernst, traveled the world, studied abroad, opened the first branch in Berlin in 1913 and expanded to South America just a few years later, and yet always remained loyal to their home in Lucerne,” explains Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer. The Manero Flyback is born of this spirit and the watchmaking excellence that has its roots in the heart of Switzerland but is at home anywhere in the world. 

Precision Around the Clock 

The Manero Flyback is powered by the masterfully crafted CFB 1970 automatic movement – the 42-hour power reserve will keep it running even on the longest of journeys. The flyback mechanism allows the timer to be reset and restarted with just a single push – a practical feature that today’s multitasking cosmopolitans truly value in their busy everyday lives, and they will never have to worry about whether their timepiece is keeping time accurately. 

A Taster of New Products Coming in 2020 

The Manero Flyback is just one of the new style icons in Carl F. Bucherer’s collection. These stunning new models in intense blue from the traditional family-run Lucerne business owned by the founding family and steeped in tradition is not just a call to new horizons, it also provides a taster of more new products to follow in 2020. These new pieces will be presented to the public from August 26 to 29 at an exclusive product and brand experience in Geneva, where Carl F. Bucherer will be presenting new versions of iconic products that are at home anywhere in the world but maintain a strong connection to the place they were born, proving that: “Wherever time takes you, Lucerne travels with you.” 

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